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Book Club Discussion Questions

Hi everyone! 

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re considering FIND ME for your book club.

As Laura Dave (I loved The Last Thing He Told Me!) said, FIND ME is “a suspenseful, twisty mystery about memory, friendship, and secrets. A page-turner of the highest order.” 


The themes of memory, friendship, and secrets should give your book club plenty to talk about, but I’ve written a few questions that might help get the conversation started. 


Thanks so much for reading, and I always love to hear from book clubs on social media.  Cheers!   -Alafair


1. After her car accident, Hope Miller is welcomed and protected by a town and its residents. Given the opportunity, would you take in someone who has no memory of their past?

2. We are often protective of our friends, especially those who are “chosen family.” When Hope moves away, Lindsay Kelly has a hard time letting her go. Should she have been more willing to let Hope move on?

3. Lindsay muses at one point that female friendships are simply different. Do you think that’s true?

4. If you found yourself with amnesia and had to choose a new name to move forward, what name would you choose?

5. Ellie Hatcher’s personal history also plays an important role in this story. How does the search for answers to questions in her family’s past influence her decisions in the present? Do you think she is acting more like a police officer or a daughter?

6. There are multiple twists throughout this story. Did you see them coming? Which most surprised you?

7. What was your initial impression of Hope? Were you suspicious of her? Sympathetic to her?

8. Lindsay’s boyfriend Scott has his own feelings about Lindsay and Hope’s friendship.How would you describe his feelings, and do you agree with them? How do you think Hope might feel about Scott?

9. Ellie is understandably obsessed with a particular serial killer case. Is there a true-crime case you find especially fascinating? If you could solve one true-crime case, which would it be and why?

10. Sometimes a piece of past might reappear in the present in unexpected ways. What is the most surprising “the past appears in the present” occurrence you’ve experienced?

11. If you were casting a TV or movie adaptations of FIND ME, who would you cast as the various characters?

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